Young Actors Theatre - Junior (Ages 6-11)
A beginning theatre class, the Jr. class celebrates young performers? creativity and helps them develop the ability to listen, to work cooperatively and to create characters and stories with games, movement and story fun. Short plays, scene work, and beginning improvisational skills are practiced. Theatre terminology is introduced.  

Young Actors Theatre - Teen (Ages 11-18)
Students will learn how to use the tools of an actor to create characters. Through fun theatre games,ime, and creative movement, students will learn performance skills and the importance of working with others to create scenes. Young performers will develop the self confidence needed to perform in front of an audience and will show off their new abilities in the final production. Several smaller productions and events lead up to the final production in Spring.  

Musical Theatre (Ages 6-18)

Musical Theatre  develops children?s abilities in singing, dancing, and acting. The instructor focuses on each skill individually and then works to put them all together in a fun, creative and expressive way. The activities in this class are geared toward improving and enhancing the student?s self-image and self confidence. This group has several performance opportunities including Victorian Christmas and the Spring Musical production.



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