Dance Classes

Tiny Tots Creative Movement (Ages 2 to 4)  Tiny Tots learn basic steps and terminology in ballet. Creative movement includes simple isolations, turns, jumps, and leaps. The use of fun, age appropriate music engages the young dancers’ minds and bodies. The use of props such as maracas, stuffed animals, flowers, or scarves makes the end of class the most fun! Classes introduce dance positions, terminology and skills. They are a great stepping stone to Beginning Level dance classes in the future.

Creative Dance (Ages 3 to 5) Classes introduce students to the fundamentals of dance. We focus on motor skill development by performing exercises specifically designed to improve strength, balance, and coordination. Students are taught the basic principles of dance such as positions, shapes, pathways, and levels. In addition, they will improve body awareness and learn to follow directions, take turns, count and distinguish between colors, body parts, and their right and left sides.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 4.5 to 6) Pre-Ballet is designed to encourage creative expression while introducing more structured ballet exercises that improve muscular strength, balance, and coordination. Students are taught the basic ballet positions, exercises at the barre, and exercises in center. They will are taught to count music, make shapes, identify pathways, and create their own dances. We also continue to focus on body awareness, following directions, taking turns, counting and distinguishing between colors, body parts, and their right and left sides.

Ballet, Modern & Lyrical

Level One Ballet (Ages 5-7, 7-10,  10+) Level One Ballet is an introductory level class follows the traditional Ballet class structure starting with exercises at the barre such as plies, tendus, degages, rond de jambes, and battements followed by practice in center and across the floor. Students learn proper form and execution as they learn to balance and perform pirouettes, traveling steps, small jumps, and leaps.

Level Two Ballet (Ages 7-10, 11+ ) Level Two Ballet is a continuation of Ballet I. Students should have at least 2 years of experience and be able to perform exercises at the barre such as plies, tendus, degages, rond de jambes, and battements. Students are challenged to perform more difficult exercises as they continue to practice steps in center and across the floor. Students should understand proper form and execution so that they are able to improve their balance, pirouettes, traveling steps, small jumps, and leaps.

Level Three Ballet (Ages 11-17 and Adult) Level III Advanced Ballet is a continuation of Intermediate Ballet. Students should have at least 4 years of dance experience with admission requiring instructor permission. Exercises at the barre focus on improving turnout, strength, endurance, speed, and musicality. Students are challenged to perform more difficult exercises as they continue to practice steps in center and across the floor. Students should understand proper form and execution so that they are able to balance and perform pirouettes en pointe. We continue to focus on improving technique and artistry while learning more challenging adagio, petite allegro, and grande allegro combinations.

Pointe Class: (Ages 11 and up, Adult) (Instructor permission required) Point class introduces students to the art of dancing en pointe. Students should have 4 years of consistent ballet training and be fitted for shoes by a dance professional who can evaluate the student’s needs based on their particular feet with consideration given to their turn-out and the strength and flexibility of their arches and ankles. Class will focus on exercises at the barre to increase strength and improve alignment, followed by exercises in center to practice rising to full pointe and performing balances, pirouettes, and traveling steps.

Contemporary Dance (Ages 11 & up) Contemporary dance is performed in bare feet and consists of exercises that combine a variety of dance styles. Students will learn all of the basic dance positions and perform exercises in parallel and turned out positions. This dance form allows for much freedom of expression and includes a diverse range of body positions with contractions, inversions, fall and recovery moves, rolls, and spiraling to and from the floor.

Jazz (Ages 7 & up) Filled with Broadway style jazz choreography, this class is a terrific introductory class for dancers who were born for the stage. Students learn basic jazz techniques and fundamental dance terminology.

Rhythm & Motion Jazz (Ages 4 & up) A fun introductory class focusing on the roots of jazz dance; rhythm, syncopation, and powerful expressive movements. Classes explore isolations, percussive movements and classic lyrical jazz styles.

Jazz Pop (Ages 7 & up) Calling all popstars in the making: Here's a fun class just for you! This class is a blending of glitzy pop and Broadway style jazz. Students learn syncopated pop movements to up-beat music and incorporate performance attributes into choreography. Bold, glitzy, and current dance moves are taught in combination with standard traditional basics. Technique and style through choreography are emphasized.

Jazz, Funk & Fusion (All ages) This is a wildly fun class with high energy, funky urban movements, improvisational dances and creative styles. Isolations, core, and a variety of modern style jazz techniques are taught. If your have a tendency to dance in the mirror or create wild dance moves this is the class for you.


Beginner Tap ( Ages 6 & up) Starting with an introduction to sound and movement for the young dancer, beginners will learn a very basic foundation for tap and vocabulary through playful and creative teaching strategies.

Level One and Level Two Tap (Ages 7 & up) Tap is an intricate form of rhythm dance. The rhythm moves through the body and emphasizes the sounds articulated by the feet. Choreographed tap allows the student to perfect the techniques of tap, work around the floor, perform combinations, join the sounds together, and become rhythmical.

Tap & Jazz ( Adults) For beginner to intermediate adults, no prior Tap or Jazz experience needed. This adult class incorporates beginning tap techniques and modern Broadway style traditional jazz movements. This is a relaxed and fun class for anyone interested in a terrific dance workout.

Tumble, Acro & Cheer

Tiny Tots Tumble  (Ages 2 to 4) Class activity is designed for children to have fun while learning the basic skills.  Tiny Tots Tumble introduces basic tumbling skills & fundamental skills for acro. Balance and coordination will be covered, along with basic gymnastic lead up skills, such as front and back rolls, walking on the balance beam, log rolls, crab walk, cartwheel, standing backbends and more. This is a great introductory course to prepare for preschool and beginner level classes.

Tiny Tots & Preschool Tumble (Ages 2 & up) Classes focus on improving gross motor skills while introducing children to the basics of tumbling. Obstacle courses are often used to encourage movement and to aid in the learning of new skills. Tiny Tots start with crabwalks, bear crawls, rolls & cartwheels. Preschool skills include handstands, bridges, standing backbends, cartwheels & round-offs. No tumbling experience is necessary.

Beginner Tumble and Level I Tumble (Ages 4 & up ) Students learn basic acrobatic skills needed to advance to a higher gymnastic level. Proper stretching and beginning skills such as splits, forward, back, and straddle rolls, cartwheels, handstands, roundoffs, bridges, back hand springs, and walk overs. No tumbling experience is necessary.

Level II & III Tumble (Ages 6 & up) Increased conditioning and flexibility develop while students continue to perfect their basic tumble skills and techniques. New skills include front aerials, hand springs, and tucks. Students work on tumbling passes and skills required for advanced acro routines, cheer stunts and dance drills.

Acro & Tumble Combo (Ages 5 - 9 and 10 & up) This class is a non stop tumble and acro team workshop. Students start with several flexibility exercises and muscle building drills. Individualized skill work and focused perfecting of techniques makes this a great class for all gymnastics focused students. Proper tools such as padding, apparatus, and teacher support help students to enjoy their tumbling and accomplish the goals they set.

Jr. Acro & Dance (Ages 5-10) Students with previous dance, cheer or tumbling experience will enjoy this dance infused class. Funk, Hip Hop and Acro combine for this fun class, terrific for enthusiastic students with lots of energy.

Beginner CHEER (Ages 4-7) Cheer and Tumble focuses on skills and techniques needed for cheer teams. Students will learn the latest jumps, turns, and combinations. Teamwork, crisp pom techniques, proper cheers, and tumble skills are emphasized.

Hip Hop

Mini Hip Hop (5 & up) Mini Hip Hop is a fun high energy choreographed class that requires the basic postures, and fundamental movements of jazz; which includes warm-up, stretches, floor work, jazz techniques, across the floor combinations, and choreography; that will incorporate funky, urban moves, along with popular music, into its style.

Jr. Hip Hop & Teen Hip Hop (Ages 10 & up) These classes encompasses movement that has elements of poppin’, lockin’ and breakin’ as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.


Ballroom (Adults) Learn fundamentals, forms and patterns of ballroom dance. Develop confidence through practice with a variety of partners in both smooth and latin style dances to include: waltz, tango, fox trot, quick step and Viennese waltz, mambo, cha cha, rhumba, samba, salsa.

Dance Fitness (adults) Each class is a dance-based group fitness program. Each class may feature a fusion of dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and Latin-style movements set to popular music. A variety of adult level dance and fitness classes are added to the schedule on a regular basis. Check the front bulletin board for new classes.


The Mooresville Arts Partnership offers competitive teams for all experience and age levels. This year’s teams include Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Mini Hip Hop, Elite Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap, Jr. Cheer, Elite Cheer, Acro and Production. Students may join the team by request of a teacher or by inquiring for more information through Ms. Rosemary.

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